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Top 6 Monsoon Food That You Must Have During A Rainy Day

July 21, 2019

About the Blog: The season of monsoon is here and with it comes the cravings to eat mouth-watering foods. Get an idea about some of the most popular food items that people all around the globe love to eat.


With Monsoon almost around the corner, it becomes mandatory to discuss the foods one might like to eat in this season. This season is famous for the spicy cravings it gives to the people. Everyone, at some point or the other, might have gone through this craving and then get confused on what to eat and which food item to select as their companion for this season. Monsoon is the favorite season for thousands of people and most of these people love the smell of rain touching the surface of the earth. And with this feeling, come the cravings. If you are a monsoon lover, then you must easily understand the dilemma of these people.


That is why we bring to you some of the best associates of monsoon season, that is, none other than these popular yet mouth-watering food items which cheer up every foodie out there. Following is a complete list of food items that one must try out in the rainy season.


  • Pao Bhaji

Starting with the extra special, everyone’s favorite, Pao Bhaji. This food is a delight for everyone who wants something spicy in the rainfalls. Try this special dish with your family this season.



  • Tea/Coffee

An evergreen drink that people love from the core of their hearts, is none other than the tea/coffee. Only a tea lover can understand the importance of this refreshing drink in the monsoons.



  • Samosa

A snack that cheers up each and everyone out there is none other than Samosa. This snack is an all-time favorite of the people and most people love to enjoy this snack in the rainy season.



  • RajKachori

Another scrumptious dish that is included in our list comprises of the cool blend of curd and veggies, RajKachori is an immensely delicious dish that most people love to enjoy when the rainfalls occur.



  • Vegetable Pakore

Next, is something that actually rhymes with the monsoon season and is the constant companion of the people when it comes to monsoons, and that is none other than, the vegetable Pakore.



  • Noodles

Slurp! Slurp! Slurp the bowl full of happiness in the monsoons. Noodles are a universal favorite food that is counted as one of the most popularly eaten food. This is on the menu every-time rainfalls arrive.



Therefore, the top 6 food items to enjoy in the rains are the above-listed ones. People must try out these 6 food items in the monsoons. If you are one of those people who love traveling in this season, then opt for the holiday membership of Country Holidays Inn & Suites. The CHIS holiday membership allows people to travel across the world, anywhere they want to within their budgets. So connect which CHIS for some of the most extraordinary experiences.

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