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6 Alluring Tiger Sanctuaries to Explore in India

September 13, 2019

About the Blog:  Enlisted in here is the list of 6 Alluring Tiger Sanctuaries to Explore in India with your family and friends. Vacationing isn’t complete unless a little adventure is involved in it. Therefore, go ahead and read for yourself about these national parks where you can go for a tiger safari.


Wildlife Sanctuaries are really fascinating. Inside of these sanctuaries, one can find a diverse range of flora and fauna that are rare and cannot be found anywhere else. Apart from being rare, these flora and fauna are also make up for a soothing environment wherein people can relax and rejuvenate their souls. Wildlife & Nature is undeniably the most comforting of all the things and that is why exploring these two is the best adventure people can ever experience in their lifetime. There are multiple wildlife sanctuaries that people can explore whilst on their vacations or even when planning their vacations. Every individual, once in a while, needs to take a trip in complete solitude where they take time out for themselves.


Thus, we present to you, 6 Alluring Tiger Sanctuaries to Explore in India whether travelling solo or with your family. These are the 6 destinations where people can go for a safari with their families. The rich population of tigers makes the safari far more interesting.


1- Bandhavgarh National Park (Madhya Pradesh)

First on our list is the exceptional Bandhavgarh National Park which has been placed in Madhya Pradesh. This national park has a huge population of tigers which can be explored by the people whilst they opt for the tiger safari here. This national park is a must-visit because of its exquisite maintenance.




2- Ranthambore National Park (Rajasthan)

A national park as royal as the name itself, the Ranthambhore National Park is situated in Rajasthan and is one of the finest tiger reserves that comprises of thousands of tigers and is a delight for one’s eyes. To explore the Ranthambhore National Park through a safari is the best way to get to learn about the surroundings over here.




3- Sundarbans National Park (West Bengal)

Pride of the east, the Sundarbans National Park is worldwide renowned for the captivating scenarios one gets to experience. More than thousands of tigers are present live in complete peace with the other animals and the co system runs smoothly over here. Stationed in West Bengal, the Sundarbans’ beauty is alluring.




4- Jim Corbett National Park (Uttarakhand)

The oldest national park that was designed by an environmentalist is the Jim Corbett National Park. This national park consists of numerous species of flora and fauna that can be explored by the tourists. Located in Uttarakhand, Jim Corbett offers an adventurous tiger safari for the tourists as well.




5- Periyar National Park (Kerala)

Next on our list is the Periyar National Park of Kerala. The Periyar National Park is an absolutely wonderful destination for travellers and explorers who love going on adventures every now and then. Experience the captivating tiger safari at the Periyar National Park and with your family and friends in Kerala.




6- Kanha Tiger Reserve (Madhya Pradesh)

Lastly, the Kanha Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh is another little heaven enclosed with rarest species of birds and animals. But, the national park is more popular for being a tiger reserve and has a huge population of tigers inside which can be observed by the people who opt for the tiger safari.




These are the 6 Alluring Tiger Sanctuaries to Explore in India that certainly shouldn’t be missed by anyone. Tiger safari is counted as the most intriguing thing to pursue in the wildlife wherein along with the tigers, rest of the flora & fauna can also be explored. Connect with Country Holidays Inn & Suites and get to know more about the diverse range of holiday memberships you get for enhancing the fun on your vacation with family/friends.        

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