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Explore These 5 Natural Wonders in India

September 19, 2019

About the Blog: Explore these 5 Natural Wonders in India that an absolute delight to witness with your loved ones. Presenting to you from different regions of the country, some of the most incredible, naturally occurring marvels.


India is a land of cultural diversities which automatically makes it home for millions who are culturally diverse and have different thought processes, religions and customs. Together these form the captivating country which is India. True to its tagline, “Unity in Diversity”, India is a wonderland that promotes peace and equality amongst the citizens. Along with this, India also comprises of some natural wonders that are truly exceptional and attract billions of tourists towards it. These naturally occurring phenomena that are totally worth exploring. Tourists from worldwide, are welcomed in India with the greetings of “Atithi Devo Bhava”.


Every now and then, explorers need to find something intriguing to hold on to. The feeling to see something fascinating satisfies your hearts and soul and makes you crave for more. Explore these 5 Natural Wonders in India, which are absolutely amazing and help re-connect humans with nature.


1- Magnetic Hill, Leh

Known as the place which defies gravity, the Magnetic Hill is present 30 km away from the Leh city on the Leh-Srinagar Highway. At a certain point on the highway, there is a large yellow sign where if you place your vehicle, it will automatically start moving forward at a speed of 20. This truly an amazing phenomenon to experience.




2- Deodar Forest, Himachal Pradesh

The Deodar Forest which is in Himachal Pradesh is a true paradise away from the hassles of city life. Dense forest covered with lush greenery makes life worthwhile. Also, this is an offbeat destination which means you won’t find many crowds over here. Complete solitude plus amazing surroundings are what defines Deodar Forests the best.




3- Needle Hole Point, Mahabaleshwar

Situated at an elevation of 1372 metres from the ground, the Needle Hole Point in Mahabaleshwar is an extremely breath-taking site for the explorers who love to stay intrigued by witnessing something incredible. Visit the Needle Hole Point with your loved ones to observe the wondrous nature.




4- Loktak Lake, Manipur

Manipur is home to the most alluring lake which is none other than the Loktak Lake. Regarded as the largest freshwater lake, the surroundings of the Loktak Lake are absolutely mystical. This is why over the years, this lake has become a natural attraction for the tourists who come to visit here.




5- Amarnath Caves, Jammu & Kashmir

A naturally occurring place of worship for the Hindus is the Amarnath Caves. These caves are located in the Jammu & Kashmir and are extremely charming. The Amarnath Caves are a major Hindu Pilgrimage centre where thousands of devotees travel to. The environment surrounding the caves is always blissful.




Presented above are the 5 exceptional destinations that are naturally occurring in the surroundings. Although they haven’t been designed by humans, they seem like perfectly constructed architectures that have been built strategically. Exploring these architectures is always the perfect adventure. For more details on how to proceed with your trips, contact Country Holidays Inn & Suites and get the golden opportunity to avail the holiday memberships as well as get interesting vouchers.

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