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Experience These 5 Stunning Things in London

September 15, 2019

About the Blog: Experience These 5 Stunning Things in London that are totally worth travelling for. Travel with your loved ones on a super-fun exploration ride of the city. Read on to know more about the things to do if it is your first time in London.


Captivating, Stunning and Elegant is what defines London in the finest way. London is undoubtedly on the list of every traveler. For others, however, it is the dreamiest place ever. The perfection and the vogue attitude that people have in London are hard to find anywhere else. That is exactly what makes London, the most unique destination for every traveler. And, about the places to explore in London, the list is endless and it would take a lot of time to explore every nook and corner of this city. London, which is the capital of England as well as the United Kingdom is renowned as the largest city too. This fact has played a key role in incrementing the status of this city in the mind of every tourist.


The list of fascinating things to do in London is endless but here are some of the things every tourist must try out when visiting this amazing city. Experience these 5 Stunning Things in London that are totally worth your time and money.


1- Historic Marvels

If you are a history buff and are eager to learn more about London’s historic stories and architectures, these are the few landmarks that you must visit over there. Big Ben, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul's Cathedral, Palace of Westminster, the British Museum, Westminster Abbey, the National Gallery, The Shard etc. are a must-visit.




2- The Ghost Bus

Spooky yet fun, not for the faint-hearted, the Ghost Bus will take you out on the ride of the city in the most fascinating way. As described earlier, this ride is not for the weak as on the journey, you will get to know more about the historic myths & legends that are connected with the city of London.




3- Intriguing Nightlife

It is rightly said that to experience the best part about any particular city, wander around at night-time. London becomes a totally different city by night and it is definitely worth exploring for the tourists and travelers. Certain places you can explore at night in
London are: Studio 338, Egg London Nightclub, Fabric London, XOYO etc.




4- Harry Potter Set

The Warner Bros Studios offer a magical guide into the world of Harry Potter and his unique adventures. There are many who are absolutely crazy about the world of magic and the Harry Potter Set is especially for them. Along with that, the Harry Potter Walking Tour is another way to discover magic in the most extraordinary way.




5- Cruising on the Thames

The mesmerizing River Thames offers something adventurous for every sporty soul. People can opt for Kayaking or Cruising on the Thames River and have the best time of their life. Get to explore London like never before whilst spending some quality time with your family as well as your friends.




Therefore, these are the adventures things that people can try out on their London tour. Opt for a local guide if you are a first-timer. But our recommendation is to connect with Country Holidays World Dubai and get access to fascinating holiday membership along with multiple vouchers that have specifically been designed to provide the people with every necessary amenity they might need on their vacations.

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