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Srinagar’s 5 Most Alluring Landmarks to Visit in 2019

September 07, 2019

About the Blog: This blog presents to every individual, Srinagar’s 5 Most Alluring Landmarks to Visit in 2019. People can visit and explore these mesmerising locations with their friends as well as their family.


Srinagar is undoubtedly one of the most captivating destinations when it comes to travelling to someplace that is serene and breath-taking. For years, Srinagar has remained on the list of the finest hill stations that has ever existed in the country. The eternal beauty and the fact that this city is completely amidst nature makes it more appealing for the tourists/travellers. Being the capital of an alluring state, that is Jammu & Kashmir, Srinagar automatically has tended to become the favourite escape for many explorers. There are tons of travellers who enjoy exploring and wandering amidst the snow-capped mountains and crystal clear lakes.


Srinagar is all about the exotic and unique beauty that is present in nature. Nature can be observed at its finest in this city. People in huge numbers can be seen vacationing in this paradise land. Here are the Srinagar’s 5 Most Alluring Landmarks to Visit in 2019.


1- Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden

Serving as a memorial to honour Indira Gandhi, the iron lady of India is a captivating tulip garden that is stationed in Srinagar. The garden comprises of millions of colourful flowers that together provide for an incredible view. The tulip garden now attracts numerous tourists who are interested in exploring nature.


Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden


2- Dal Lake

Another exceptional tourist destination in Srinagar is Dal Lake. This lake provides the most breath-taking view of the surrounding mountains and the mesmerising nature. The travellers can enjoy in the houseboats and the normal boats on the Dal Lake with their loved ones in the most amazing way.


Dal Lake


3- Hazratbal Shrine

One of the largest shrines for people is the Hazratbal Shrine which is stationed in Srinagar. As believed by multiple Muslims, the Hazratbal Shrine contains Muhammad’s hair inside of it. That is what motivates thousands of pilgrims to plan their trip to this religious shrine. The designing of the Hazratbal Shrine is done extraordinarily.


Hazratbal Shrine


4- Nishat Bagh

The Nishat Bagh, which is a terraced garden, was constructed during the Mughal Rule on India. Lots of legends and stories from the history of India are connected with this garden, which is why it attracts more than thousands of travellers who come here every now and then to explore the beauty of this garden.


Nishat Bagh


5- Salim Ali National Park

A fascinating national park or the wildlife sanctuary was designed and constructed by the popular Indian ornithologist, Salim Ali. This national park comprised of around 70 diverse species of birds and several species of animals too. Later on, this park was transformed into a golf course by some of the prominent people.


Salim Ali National Park


Apart from these locations, there are multiple other places that must be visited in Srinagar. So whenever you plan a trip to Srinagar, remember than a few days aren’t enough for this city needs time to be thoroughly explored. For more details on smooth travelling with your family members, connect with Country Holidays Inn & Suites and get accustomed to the wide range of holiday memberships it renders to the customers along with exciting vouchers as well.


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