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5 Finest Places to Visit near Amritsar

August 30, 2019

About the Blog: Amritsar is surely one of the most breath-taking cities that is connected with the country’s history as well. Enlisted below are the 5 finest places to visit near Amritsar that is definitely going to melt your heart away.


Amritsar is a beautiful city situated in the state of Punjab. Well-renowned for the brilliant architectures and the historic connections, Amritsar is one of those cities that comes under the HRIDAY (Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana). Amritsar is extremely popular amidst the tourists and is considered as a significant city when it comes to the historic times it has seen. Multiple major historic events that shaped the country’s present, have taken place in this city. Today those sites are visited by more than millions and is worshipped as a shrine for those who were martyred. These historical locations are an absolute marvel and should be visited by every explorer or tourist.


In and around Amritsar, there are several places to visit with your friends and your family. The people who love exploring and observing something new can visit these awesome places in Amritsar. Here are the 5 finest places to visit near Amritsar:


1- Golden Temple

First of all, there is the eternal beauty and an architectural marvel, none other than the Golden Temple. Golden Temple is the identity of Amritsar and has been designed using gold. The Temple in stationed in the midst of a lake that enhances the beauty of this captivating temple even more.


Golden Temple


2- Wagah Border

The famous Wagah-Attari Border in the borderline between India and Pakistan. The celebration that takes place at the Wagah Border is extremely popular and is attended by millions of people from both countries. Therefore, the Wagah-Attari border has gained immense popularity amidst the people.


Wagah-Attari Border


3- Jallianwala Bagh

The devastating massacre that took place in the year 1919 when India was still under the rule of British, occurred at the Jallianwala Bagh. Thousands of men, women and children were killed and today this place stands as a memorial for those brave souls. The Jallianwala Bagh incident is one of the most tragic events.


Jallianwala Bagh


4- Partition Museum

The Partition Museum is an exceptional and unique museum that comprises of some of the most astounding evidence, pictures, and sculptures from the time when India and Pakistan’s Partition took place. This place is absolutely wonderful and is definitely a must-visit for all those who have a keen interest in history.


Partition Museum


5- Durgiana Temple

Known by several names that are: Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Durga Tirath and Sitla Mandir, the Durgiana Temple is a worldwide renowned temple that welcomes thousands of devotees in it. The fascinating architecture of the temple adds to its beauty and is considered one of the major reasons why people get attracted to it.


Durgiana Temple


So, these are the 5 finest places to visit near Amritsar. Apart from these, there are several other destinations to explore this exceptional city. Amritsar has always been regarded as the most captivating city because of some of the brilliantly designed architectures that contribute to its beauty. Those who are planning to go on a vacation to Amritsar can connect with Country Holidays Inn & Suites and get their kind of holiday membership within their budget.

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