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Jim Corbett National Park: Explore its Beauty and Attractions

April 05, 2019

About the Blog: The Jim Corbett National Park, one of the oldest wildlife sanctuary, attracts more than thousands of tourists every year. Get a list of all the exciting activities you can do at the park. Read our blog to know more about the accommodations, things to do, and the timings of the park.


Stationed in the Nainital district, Uttarakhand, Jim Corbett National Park came to existence in the year 1936. Earlier this park was named Hailey National Park. With the escalating human population, deforestation also increased. A need was felt to establish a sanctuary for the wildlife. Thus, Jim Corbett, an environmentalist designed this national park to reserve the population of tigers.


Soon enough, Jim Corbett National Park became home for millions of flora and fauna. Even the rarest of species can be observed in the park. Thus, this national park draws many visitors towards it. Naturally, these people look for nearby affordable hotels wherein they could stay whilst they explore wildlife. Below you will get to read some of the fascinating details about the park.


  • Entry & Safari Timings:

Basically, Jim Corbett National Park is divided into four zones:

  • JHIRNA ZONE - This zone is open all year.
  • BIJRANI ZONE - This zone is open from October 1 – 30 June every year.
  • DHIKALA ZONE - This zone is open from November 15 – 15 June every year.
  • DURGA DEVI ZONE – This zone is open from November 15 – 30 June every year.


              Tickets for safari have to be pre-booked by the tourists. Details:

  • Indians – Rs1000/-
  • Foreigners – Rs1900/-



  • To Do Activities:

A wide spectrum of recreational activities is available to rejuvenate your mind. These fun and adventurous sports will keep you entertained. Some of these sports are:

  • Jeep & Elephant Safari –Too tired to walk around the park? The safari is waiting for you! Both, the Jeep and the Elephant safari are present. It is up to you to decide which one you love the most. Confused again? Try out both of these. The picturesque landscapes will leave you to spellbound.



  • Camping & Trekking – For all those in search of peace, can have some quality time camping in the park with their family and friends. Whilst the ones who want to try something encouraging and enthusiastic can opt for trekking.



  • Fishing & River crossing – The Ramganga River is popular for fishing activities. Many tourists love to try out this sport. Children, too enjoy this activity. Whereas, river crossing is also famous amidst travelers. In this sport, tourists cross the rivers from one side another without falling down.



  • Exploring Wildlife:

Flora and fauna enhance the beauty of this national park. Higher the density of forests, easier the growth of rare species of plants as well as animals. The bewildering species of birds are a delight to watch.




Common amongst the people are:

  • Observing Birds: Rare species of birds can be seen in the jungle. Take your binoculars with you for a more enchanting experience of these birds.




  • Discovering amazing Forests: Tons of trees stand amidst the park. Trees are a man’s best friend, since these help in balancing the carbon-dioxide level in the atmosphere. The Sal, Khair, and Sissoo are common in this park.



  • The Garjia Temple:

Amidst the forests, people can also observe one of the finest architectural delight, the Garjia Temple. This temple is also one of the attractions for the tourists. Several tourists fascinated with religion, visit this temple to learn more about ancient times and Indian culture.

The Garjia Temple devoted to Goddess Durga and thus lots of crowds come to visit. The temple has been designed in such a way that bird watching can also be done from here. For inner peace and calming of the soul, one must visit this incredible temple.

A 9th Century Lakshmi-Narayan statue can also be noticed near the temple. And the dazzling Kosi River, also close to the temple is full of serenity.




  • Accommodations:

The exquisite CHIS(Country Holidays Inn & Suites) Kabeela Resort offers you a place to stay in with your loved ones. Popular amongst the tourists because of its excellent service quality and wonderful designing, Kabeela Resort is a complete package in itself. It provides 100% satisfaction to the customers and the tech-savvy rooms are a plus point for the people. Since the resort is spread over a wide area, sports like rock climbing, river crossing, and mountain cycling are also common here. Mouth-watering cuisine for all the foodies will their hearts. And the most exciting thing about Kabeela Resort is that it is within your budget. So join us and make this journey more memorable.



Jim Corbett National Park has everything you need to do on a vacation. It is one of the largest and best reserve parks. This park has been protecting millions of creatures within it. Most of the endangered species can be found here. Don’t miss any chance of going to this National Park.



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