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5 Tourist Destinations to Explore in Karnataka

August 11, 2019

About the Blog: If you are confused about where to head next, Karnataka would be a great option. There are multiple places in Karnataka that are a delight to travel to and will definitely leave each and every tourist amazed with its natural beauty.


Karnataka is in the southern part of India and is worldwide renowned for the rich cultural diversity that prevails there. Karnataka is an amazing blend of history and culture wrapped together and presents itself in the most fascinating way so that tourists never get disappointed or bored with it. The state has had an interesting history wherein various dynasties and rulers have ruled on it. Today, it is one of the prominent places for tourists to travel to. Travelers often get confused about which places to explore and which to leave out on, though every place has its own importance and charm and is equally interesting. One of the cities that has major links with history is Mysore which is also present in Karnataka. This state never fails to amaze the travelers with its unmatchable beauty and charm.


Though there are several tourist destinations to visit in Karnataka, we present to you the top 5 tourist destinations to explore in Karnataka with your family and friends. People can learn about the history of the state as well as the current attractions that one can observe whilst on their trip to this amazing state.


1- Coorg

Regarded as the “Scotland of India”, Coorg better known as Kogadu, is one of the most breath-taking district-town in Karnataka. The natural beauty and charm of the place mesmerize the tourists completely. Best time to Coorg is from October to March. During this period the beauty of the place is at its zenith.




2- Agumbe

The “Cherrapunji of South”, Agumbe is a beautiful village situated atop the hilly areas of Karnataka. Known for the scenic beauty, Agumbe is certainly one of the most captivating village ever. The Agumbe Village also serves as the perfect destination for all those who are interested in staying calm and peaceful.




3- Jog Falls

The Jog Falls is a gigantic 253-meter high fall that is formed from the River Sharavathy. The bewitching scene that this waterfall creates is a treat for the eyes of those travel to Karnataka, especially to observe this waterfall. Exploring the Jog Falls is one of the greatest adventures to pursue all.




4- Mullayanagiri

The highest peak in Karnataka which has a shrine of “Mulappa Swamy” is also the origination of the name Mullayangiri. This peak is the most loved tourist attraction because of the numerous adventurous activities that take place over here. Biking and Trekking are the most popular activities that take place over here.




5- Kudremukh

In the Chikkamagaluru district, rests a mountain peak that is also a popular tourist attraction for many, which is Kudremukh. Thousands of tourists are welcomed in here to spend their vacations in the most amazing way. Kudremukh is definitely one of the favorites of the tourists and travelers in Karnataka.




Whenever someone needs to explore Karnataka, these five places are a must-visit. Though there are much more heritages to observe and explore in these five still remain a fundamental segment of the state’s list of tourist attractions. For enhanced fun and enjoyment within your budgets, visit Country Holidays Inn & Suites and avail its holiday membership. People do not have to worry about accessories related to travel anymore.

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