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5 Reasons to Visit North-East with Your Friends!

August 16, 2019

About the Blog: This vacation, travel to someplace you’ve never been before and experience something new and exciting. Here are the 5 Reasons to Visit North-East with your Friends and try all the fun things out there.


North-Eastern section of India is a whole different world in itself, which is the reason why millions of people love to travel to this part of India whenever possible. The captivating beauty of this place is a delight for every tourist and an unforgettable experience too. Tourists and travelers are often seen relaxing and rejuvenating their souls in these areas of the country. The natives of the north-eastern parts are extremely friendly and helpful which is why they make the best guide ever. Spending vacations in the North-East is always a pleasure for those who love experiencing something new and unique each day.


And when it comes to going on trips with your friends, the north-eastern India is one of the best options that has ever existed. For those who haven’t traveled to this section of the country, can plan their trip over here. Enlisted below are the 5 Reasons to Visit north-East with your Friends:


1- Phawngpui Peak

Stationed in Aizwal, Mizoram, the Phawngpui Peak is one of the most breath-taking site for the humans. As if, the already captivating city of Aizwal wasn’t enough. The Phawngpui Peak is the favorite of the trekkers as this is one of the famous activity that takes place over here, which also distinguishes it from the rest of places.


Phawngpui Peak


2- Mawphlang Sacred Forest

The Mawphlang Sacred Forest is present in Shillong, Meghalaya is similar to the rest of the dense forests present there. But there is something unique about this forest as suggested by the name itself. The Sacred Forests are those that have been preserved and protected for years from any un-natural event that could have ruined them.


Mawphlang Sacred Forest


3- Temi Tea Garden

The Temi Tea Garden that is an enticing location and a delight for the travel freaks, is situated in the Ravangla, Sikkim. This tea garden is an amazing place that is bound to calm everyone’s soul and refresh their minds as well. One can relax in the lush green valleys with their friends.


Temi Tea Garden


4- Thalon Caves

Manipur, too, is home to some of the most alluring destinations in the world. The Thalon Caves, present in Imphal are an excellent example for that. The Thalon Caves are situated at a height of 900 meter above sea which automatically makes it desirable for the tourists and travelers that come to explore here.




5- Sela Pass

Gigantic, snow-capped mountains, dazzling lakes nearby plus amazing environment, this is what sums up the Sela Pass located in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh. The Sela Pass is certainly the most tempting locations of all. Camping and trekking are the most common activities that are practiced in here.


Sela Pass


These are just the beginning, there are plenty of other things that one should experience at least once while they travel to the north-eastern section of India. Experience the vividness and diversity in culture and cuisine with your friends and loved ones. For enhanced fun, easy bookings of resorts/hotels/flights, connect with Country Holidays Inn & Suites. Travel made easy, secure and within your budget, only with CHIS.

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