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5 Essentials For A Splendid Vacation in India

June 11, 2019

About the Blog: Planning to go on a vacation this summer, know about all the essentials you must take with you so that the heat doesn’t bother you anymore!


Summertime means vacations, trips and holiday to exotic places where you can chill out a bit or relax and refresh. If the planning and execution aren’t done in the similar way as mentioned below, your summer trip can turn into a disaster trip. There are always some special requirements as per the season that’s been going on. That is why there is a whole other list of things to do and carry with you whilst on a trip in the summers. Take these little things with you and prepare yourselves for an awesome trip. Followings are the items one mustn’t forget to carry with them in the summers.



First on our list of must-not-forgets is Water. All of us know that our body needs water. In fact, more than half of the body is nothing but water. The summer season makes us sweat a lot and that means loss of water from the bodies. This is why we must drink loads of water in the season and must always keep ourselves hydrated to avoid any diseases. While traveling too, carry enough amount of water so that you don’t fall ill.




Next, on our list we have Sunscreen. Sunscreens are a must for every summer trip where your skin is going to get exposed to the sun. The harmful UV rays can cause skin irritation and burning problems and all of this can be avoided by applying sunscreens on your skin. Carry with you the sunscreen which has the following: SPF 30 which blocks 97% of UV rays and SPF 50 that blocks 98% of UV rays.



3. Sunglasses

Sunglasses come in multiple varieties. The trend that is being followed today basically comprises of these: polarised sunglasses and UV protection sunglasses. While polarised sunglasses reduce the brightness/glare and are up to you to select or not but UV protection sunglasses are definitely a must keep protecting your eyes from the sunlight and the harmful UV rays.



4.Light Clothes

Well, one of the most fundamental parts of vacations are clothes and which type would be the best to cope with this season. For summers, pack something light colored and avoid the darker colored clothes. Since dark color absorbs the heat, and then makes you feel hotter it will be a disaster. Therefore opt for light colors and keep it light.



5.Face Wipes

Wipe off the stress from your faces instantly with the wet wipes or the face wipes. This too is a must carry item when going on vacations anywhere around the country in the hot season. Face Wipes available at every cosmetic shop and can easily be purchased. Keeping a face wipe is always benefits people like it an instant stress removal wipe. Always keep with you a pack of face wipes in the summer season.



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