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5 Amazing Destinations for Couple’s Honeymoon Tour in Chennai

August 21, 2019

About the Blog: Here are the 5 amazing destinations for couple’s honeymoon tour in Chennai which will enable you to learn something about the city and also let you plan your vacations to Chennai with extreme ease.


Planning holidays is always special as it is the only time which is reserved for the family get-together. And in today’s super-busy routine, people do not get time for each other and that is when life starts taking a stressful turn. Especially for the newly married, because most of the people today are working and they do not get the right amount of time to get along with each other, and even if they do, planning and executing a trip becomes a tough task. That is why, all those who are looking for a guideline for travelling to Chennai can get to know about the city and the couple-friendly destinations that one may get to explore and observe on their vacations.


Chennai is amazing in itself and is well-renowned as one of the major technological hub of the country. Along with that it also comprises of some captivating tourist destinations that truly are a delight for everyone. These are the 5 amazing destinations for couple’s honeymoon tour in Chennai:


1- Gandhi Mandapam

The Gandhi Mandapam is an excellently designed memorial that has been stationed in Chennai near the Sardar Patel Road and is an awesome destination for the couples as well. Inside, there is an area especially dedicated to the memorial where hundreds of people can be seen travelling and exploring.


Gandhi Mandapam


2- Marina Beach

Next comes the captivating Marina Beach, which in itself is worth visiting, at-least for all the couples who wonder where to travel or what to explore. Marina Beach is certainly one of the best places to explore for the couples in Chennai and can be counted as the place that couples must visit on their trip to Chennai.


Marina Beach


3- Queens Land

The place where even the adults become kids is none other than the Queensland, Water & Amusement Park that helps people spend some quality time with each other. The Queensland comprises of several rides which are meant to lighten up the spirit of every individual that travels over there.




4- Azzuri Bay

The Azzuri Bay is the perfect place for the couples to relax and rejuvenate with the scrumptious cuisine that is offered over here. Evenings are made special by the pleasant hospitality that is provided at Azzuri Bay. So for all those couples who are searching for a good food option, the Azzuri Bay is for all of you.


Azzuri Bay


5- Parthasarathy Temple

Dedicated to Lord Krishna, the Parthasarathy Temple is well-renowned for its brilliant designing and attracts more than thousands of devotees from all around the world to explore its beauty and learn about the legends associated with it. The Parthasarathy Temple is certainly the most amazing tourist attraction in Chennai.


Parthasarathy Temple


 So these are the 5 amazing destinations for couple’s honeymoon tour in Chennai which are all nearby, which automatically makes it accessible for the travellers. Those planning to visit Chennai must do it in the winters. And for smooth travels, bookings and stay, connect with Country Holidays Inn & Suites and get access to millions of services at once. Select the holiday membership you wish to and get an amazing range of services along with it. 

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