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10 Tourist Places to Visit near Delhi-NCR within 100 Km – 2019

May 18, 2019

About the Blog: Considering to go for a vacation this summer? If yes, read on to know about all the fun places around Delhi-NCR. Why go any further when you get what you desire in your home place. As for the tourists, we can guide you out to know more about the capital city.

Delhi is a complete marvel city in itself. Not only is it home to some of the most exquisite historic architecture but it also comprises of some marvellous nearby locations. Within the range of 100 km, you can find hundreds of interesting places to visit whilst on the trip. Whether it’s the tourists or the natives, you can never totally explore Delhi because there is always something new to discover in the capital city.

The most intriguing factor about Delhi is that it keeps everyone hooked up on to and leaves you craving for more. Seeing these monuments once can never be enough for anyone. The unique designs from the Mughal period or the modern day buildings, all of these are a wonder for sure. Given below are some of the most visited sites near Delhi-NCR. Make it a point to visit all of these on your Delhi tour.


1- Surajkund

Approximately, 22 km from Delhi, in the core of Faridabad is a perfect weekend getaway that goes by the name Surajkund. The place is as bright as the name suggests. The enthusiastic crowd, the irresistible market place and multiple other features can be observed at the location. Surajkund is famous for the Mela and the 10th-century reservoir.




2- Okhla Bird Sanctuary

Just 42 km away from the capital, Okhla Bird Sanctuary can easily be accessed via NH-9. Discover the rarest species of birds within the sanctuary. This place will definitely leave you amazed with the abundance of natural beauty that can be found here. A road trip to the bird sanctuary is probably all you need right now.


Okhla Bird Sanctuary


3- Pataudi Palace

The exact location of the Pataudi Palace is in Gurgaon, Haryana which is 60 km from Delhi. An alluring chill out place for the travellers. Here you can explore the captivating palace and the environment around it. The lake and the scenic atmosphere is bound to calm your mind and soul.


Pataudi Palace


4- Tughlaqabad Fort

The Tughlaqabad Fort is 35 km from Delhi and comprises of lots of ancient architecture, some of it has been ruined but the rest still stands as it is. For history fanatics, this place is a good source to know more about the Tughlaq era. And, the place serves as a good picnic spot for the families as well.


Tughlaqabad Fort


5- Camp Wild Dhauj

Delhi’s nearby places also include the Camp Wild Dhauj, which is 49 km away in the Mangar area of Haryana. As the name suggests, the Camp Wild Dhauj is popular for camping activities. Thus, hundreds of tourists reach the camp every year to spend some quality time amidst nature.


Camp Wild Dhauj


6- Botanix Nature Park

Only 50 km away from Delhi is an extremely charming park that is the Botanix Nature Park. This beautiful park consists of some unique and uncommon flora which will magnetise your souls. This place also serves as the perfect family destination and multiple tourists are seen wandering amidst the park.


Botanix Nature Park


7- Manesar

Stationed in the Gurugram area, Haryana is the alluring town of Manesar. The town is a 55 km drive from Delhi and serves as one of the most popular tourist hubs. Manesar is well known for its natural charisma and charm. Plenty of resorts and restaurants can be found in this magical little town.




8- Pratapgarh

The name suggests the presence of royalty in this ancient place. Pratapgarh sits 58 km away from Delhi, in the Jhajjar area of Haryana. Camel rides, horse ride and several other outdoor activities can be enjoyed. Children love this place the most. And what’s not to love, the atmosphere around is so pure that you wouldn’t want to leave this place ever.




9- Garhmukteshwar

Garhmukteshwar is a town that sits on the banks of the Holy Ganges River. Exactly 100 km away from Delhi, Garhmukteshwar is located in Hapur. Most of the crowd here comes from the religious background and only comes here to take a glance at the pious river. Visit this place and observe the beautiful river which is bound to calm your soul.




10- Badkhal Lake

Just 32 km from Delhi, in the Faridabad district, is the amazing Badkhal Lake which is also a popular choice for the travellers. Surrounding the lake, are lush green forests that increase the beauty of this area. Calm yourselves at this amazing place which also serves as one of the finest destinations for the travellers.


Badkhal Lake


So many locations yet several others left. Exploring Delhi-NCR is, in fact, a tough job to do. But no issues, you can keep the rest of the locations for the next visit. All of the worlds cannot be explored in a day but every day we can explore something and someplace new. Keep discovering new places and continue creating memories with Country Holidays Inn & Suites. Book our membership today and get exciting offers with it.

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