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10 Best Places to Visit near Bangalore on a Day’s Trip

May 24, 2019

About the Blog: Read on to get an idea about the places you can visit near Bangalore. You will be fascinated by the options we provide to you, all the amazing locations near the capital city of Karnataka.


The official technical hub of India, Bangalore/Bengaluru comprises of exotic and unique locations near it where people can visit on a one day trip. There is a never-ending list of places one can visit in a day in Bangalore. A single day’s trip is not enough to discover the alluring city of Bangalore. The essentials you might want to take on the trip are your clothes, binoculars, and determination to cross all hurdles that may come in your paths.


Hereby, presenting to you the list of places to consider for your vacations. These fabulous locations are all near the city, within a few kilometers range. If you really have that travel spirit in you, then, the one-day trip will never be enough for you. Because of the abundance of beauty and greenery around. Though there are multiple places to visit in and around Bengaluru, here are top ten most amazing places for you.


1- Savanadurga

First of all on your list is Savanadurga, which in itself is a magical land. The natural charisma of the place will magnetize you for sure and you wouldn’t want to exit this place ever. One of the most popular sport here is rock climbing. Savanadurga is approximately 60 km from the city and accessing the area is also easy. Road trips are common here too, but you can also go through the railways.




2- Nandi Hills

Get to experience how it feels to live amidst the clouds. The mystical weather at the Nandi Hills shouldn’t be missed. Just 62 km from the busy city life, stands the Nandi Hills which is commonly known as Nandidurg. This place can surely be counted as one of the most magical areas because of the myriad natural charisma. Nandi Hills is popular for an activity like trekking and one can observe the most captivating sunrise from the hilltop.


Nandi Hills


3- Anthargange

The land of hills and caves, Anthargange, placed approximately 70 km from Bengaluru, is also a perfect tourist getaway. Only an hour and a half drive, Anthargange, is famous for the spellbinding views all around. Trekkers admire this location the most, in fact, the place is also famous for activities like camping and bonfire. Because of this, Anthargange is immensely popular amidst enthusiastic travelers.




4- Balmuri & Edmuri Waterfalls

At the famous Balmuri & Edmuri Waterfalls, the travelers can get a mesmerizing view of the waterfalls that naturally occur in a zigzag pattern. The Balmuri & Edmuri Waterfalls are 136 km away from the city but are worth visiting. This criss-cross patterns formed because of the construction of Dam on the Kaveri River. This is also the reason why these waterfalls have become a popular tourist site.


Balmuri & Edmuri Waterfalls


5- Horsley Hills

The Horsley Hills is situated approximately 153 km away from hectic city life. Feel the serenity around in the densely populated forest areas. Mostly the tourists come here for camping in these forests and observe the greenery around. The clean atmosphere surrounding you is bound to stay in your souls forever. You can explore the wide range of flora and fauna that is present in the area.


Horsley Hills


6- Hogenakkal Falls

Next, we have the Hogenakkal Falls, if you’re the one who gets fascinated by the waterfalls, then the Hogenakkal Falls are a paradise for you. 181 km from city life, these waterfalls are extremely captivating. The Hogenakkal Falls are also known as the “Niagara of the East” because of the natural formation and charm of this place.   


Hogenakkal Falls


7- Sangama & Mekedatu

Sangama & Mekedatu is popular amidst the tourists because of the peacefulness and serenity that is spread all around. And, the river present there, acts as a bonus point for the same. The location is 100 km away from the hustles of the city and therefore is a getaway for many who wander in search of peace. You can sit here in complete silence and analyze the beauty of nature.


Sangama & Mekedatu


8- Ramanagaram

The very famous city, mostly known for the shooting place of the movie Sholay, is none other than Ramanagaram. This area consists of large rocky hills where people love to opt for the rock climbing sport. Other than that, sports like rappelling and camping are also popular in Ramanagaram. From Bengaluru, this area is just 50 km away and hence makes it perfect for a one day trip.




9- Srirangapatna

Just 130 km from Bengaluru, is the hub of spirituality and religion, Srirangapatna. Here you will find the ancient temple like structures that date back to the Ganga Dynasty. The place is filled up with myths and cultures related to that period. Many tourists can be seen here understanding the history of the monument. Several others come here to worship their deity. In all, Srirangapatna is an excellent getaway from the city.




10- Yelagiri Hills

For a one-day trip from Bangalore, the Yelagiri Hills is considered as one of the perfect getaways. As the name itself suggests, these hills are famous for trekking, hiking, and other similar sports and adventures. Do visit the telescope house, NilavoorLake, and PunganoorLake that are located in the area. The Yelagiri Hills are just 158 km away from Bangalore and are easily accessible.


Yelagiri Hills


Traveling to new places, discovering new cities, cultures, and people can never be boring. It will always consist of something fun, you will get to know more about the city and the history of the place. The food, the markets, clothing and several other things related to these. That is what you get to discover on your trip to Bangalore. For an even more interesting trip, you can connect with Country Holidays Inn & Suites and get amazing deals on holiday memberships.

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